Oliver Horiwa

It is a shock to learn of the death on April 13 of Oliver Anodiwanashe Horiwa of Zimbabwe. Since 2006, he and his family have been key players in Cultures in Harmony‘s work in that country. Oliver did many things professionally, but connecting them all was a passion for celebrating, preserving, and supporting the beautiful Shona culture. It is hard to imagine a CiH project in Zimbabwe without Oliver’s enthusiastic involvement and presence. His brother Onias Horiwa has also been a huge influence and help to us, also since 2006. Our thoughts are with Onias and his entire family at this challenging time. Oliver was too young to pass away, but his impact was tremendous. He helped forged the improbable bonds that tie Cultures in Harmony to Zimbabwe, and we will forever be in his debt. Celebrate his life honoring the soft flowing beauty of the Shona language, the otherworldly magic tinkling of the mbira, the satisfying strength conveyed by a plate of hot sadza, knowing that an extraordinary culture that receives far too little attention shone a little brighter because of him.