In 2009, we partnered with the Cameroon Nigeria Youth Movement (CNYM) to learn and perform Cameroonian and Nigerian music alongside local musicians, present outreach concerts at schools and orphanages, and perform a gala cultural exchange concert, broadcast on national TV. In 2013, we returned to Cameroon to work with CNYM, performing alongside Cameroonian and Nigerian musicians in prisons, a handicapped center, a center for the victims of leprosy, orphanages, and a gala concert at Foyer Bandjoun Hall (excerpt above). The US Embassy, which supported our 2013 project, issued this press release, published these pictures, and released this video of our version of the US National Anthem. The musicians we have sent to Cameroon include Tiffany DuMouchelle, soprano; Catie Hickey, trombone; Maggie Lauer, flute; Keith Sanders, viola; Steve Solook, percussion; and Rebecca Schlappich, violin.

Check out Steve’s¬†videos of renowned mvet player Pantaleon: Gong of the Ancestor and Nono Ngawono.

2013 final project report