What I Want For My Birthday…After This Election

What kind of world do we want to live in? In the wake of the recent US election, people on both sides are asking that question.

In recent days, I’ve corresponded with Cultures in Harmony partners in Cameroon and Papua New Guinea who hope that we will be able to return to their countries in 2017 to stand alongside their musicians and celebrate our common humanity. Shortly after the new US president’s inauguration, I will travel to Mexico to do workshops with the Youth Orchestra of Mexico City and discuss how we can renew and deepen our commitment to Mexico.

On Monday, I’ll turn 34 years old. Instead of presents, I ask you to donate to Cultures in Harmony, but you’re not doing this for me. 

You’re doing this because you believe in building understanding between cultures through cultivating dialogue, collaboration,respect, and peace, from Cameroon to Papua New Guinea to Mexico. You’re doing this to celebrate the many definitions of American culture. You’re doing this because you heard the prayer for unity implicit in every note of the US national anthem in the recent viral video of me playing it at a ranch in Amarillo, Texas. 

Or perhaps, you’re doing this because you share our belief that music’s universal appeal affirms our membership in a single human family.

Whatever your reasons, thank you for your donation to Cultures in Harmony.