Tunisia 2016!

In a time darkened by hate, what can you do to release more light into the world? When so many shrink away in fear, how can you reach out in love?

Every year since 2005, Cultures in Harmony has sent musicians to Tunisia. Thanks to the Atlas Music Academy (our outstanding partners there) and the hard work of Deputy Director Kimball Gallagher, we have been able to sustain this commitment through turmoil and troubles. Our unwavering presence in Tunisia, year after year, symbolizes the eternal possibility of friendship, respect, understanding, and peace. It’s there, if only we work for it, build upon it, and sustain it.

Starting this coming Wednesday, our musicians will partner with Atlas to teach 36 young musicians for 10 days in the idyllic mountain town of Beni Mtir.. Please take a moment to read about our outstanding faculty:

Kimball Gallagher, piano and song writing

Anya Yermakova, piano and dance

Brace Negron, voice

Vova Kuperman, guitar

Zoe Martin-Doike, violin

Shoshana Gottesman, viola

How will the young students receive what these teachers have to offer? Fortunately, we already have some idea. After one camp, a 16-year-old violinist named Amal wrote: “It was terrific to meet you and I hope that I will see you again next year and I’m awfully happy to know and to meet you. Besides, you’ve changed the image that I had about Americans because you’re completely different. You’re nice, kind, friendly, generous, awesome, beautiful.”

Help our musicians inspire similar reactions while training the next generation of Tunisia’s outstanding young musicians by donating to Cultures in Harmony today.