Our first monthly donor

When I thanked Abigail P. for becoming our first ever monthly donor, here’s what she wrote about her decision to donate to Cultures in Harmony:

“I participated in one of your projects about ten years ago now. As for why Cultures in Harmony, well, I really wanted to contribute to music/arts/culture. So I foresee myself doing this sort of giving consistently. … All else equal, I wanted to pick an organization that has projects in developing countries. I’m sure you know how rare it was back then for the Philippines to be visited by internationally based musicians. … Basically, my reasons boil down to the following:
“1. Like most people who donate, I wanted to make a difference, even if small. My impression was that you run a lean and mean operation. That usually means that resources are used efficiently.
“2. I believe in your mission, especially as I remember it (exposure and understanding of different cultures, using music to find common ground). I think it is still a unique mission. I certainly don’t know of anything else like it. (My great-aunt was Lucrecia Kasilag, a Filipino composer who studied in the US on a Fulbright scholarship, came back, researched indigenous music, and incorporated it in her compositions. So between you and me, you can say I was inclined to support your organization’s mission from the start.) 
“3. From having participated in one of your projects, I know how well it can work. …
“On a personal note, I want to thank you for your advice all those years ago. I think I played for you in some kind of masterclass and made a face afterwards, and you explained to me that doing so can make listeners feel stupid for liking what they heard. That was a pretty bad habit, and one I’ve tried to lose. 
“Do let me know if there are other ways I can help.”

Abigail P. played in the orchestra CiH founder William Harvey conducted at St. Scholastica’s College during the Manila portion of our Philippines project in 2007.

Join Abigail by making your own donation to Cultures in Harmony today! We’d love to welcome our second monthly donor ever, but even if you just donate once, we gratefully appreciate your support!


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