Founded in 2005 by Juilliard graduate William Harvey, Cultures in Harmony (CiH) brings people together through music.

CiH is a not-for-profit corporation exempt from Federal Income Tax. The purposes for which the Cultures in Harmony was formed, according to the Certificate of Incorporation filed with the State of New York in January 2008, are:

  1. to advance and promote international and cultural understanding through music and interaction;
  2. to organize and sponsor trips to foreign countries for American classical musicians;
  3. to expose the American public to musicians from foreign countries and different cultures;
  4. to offer and provide forums for musical collaboration, performance and appreciation;
  5. to encourage and facilitate collaborations with local musicians, collaborations with humanitarian organizations and interaction with local culture through music, staying with host families and learning the language; and
  6. to conduct any and all lawful activities that may be useful in accomplishing the foregoing purposes.