Imperfect Resolution

Cultures in Harmony will launch a new community building initiative, “Imperfect Resolution,” aimed at encouraging past and current participants, collaborators, donors, and fans to support one another as some ease out of the pandemic and others continue to cope with the isolation it has imposed. Our work brings people together through music, and when people in so many countries have confronted similar challenges, we will unite in mutual support. From time to time, we will be looking at how music has helped people in different situations deal with the conditions imposed by the pandemic, sharing resources, and sharing stories. As part of this initiative, I’ll share my own efforts to improve, ways music has helped me, and how I’m adjusting to a new life in a new neighborhood of Mexico City over at my blog

In music, an “imperfect cadence” resolves to a chord that creates a brief sense of resolution while sustaining a desire for continuity. We hope that Imperfect Resolution celebrates that none of us is perfect while continuing the conversation about how people from vastly different cultures can unite in supporting one another through music, goal setting, and building community.