Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is here.  The American culture project is almost over. I’m writing these words from Kansas, the 48th state in which I’ll spend one week, asking people, “What is American culture?”  

Answers have been powerful. Last week, Oklahomans on social media contributed dozens of answers. I also performed at a shelter for the victims of domestic violence, an elementary school, and at the American Legion.

Throughout the project, I’ve asked people to define American culture in the shadow of the border wall in Nogales, Arizona.  I’ve asked veterans, scientists, kindergartners, baristas, and farmers.  At the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, during the North Dakota week in July, I asked two elders for their perspective.  At a time when Standing Rock is very much in the news, it is more important than ever to listen to how someone who is Native American might answer the question.

As we head into 2017, we prepare to return to our international activities in Tunisia and elsewhere. One week after the inauguration of the new US president, I will travel to Mexico to renew and deepen our relationship with the Youth Orchestra Program in Mexico City. We also hope to return to Belize and Cameroon.

This Giving Tuesday, please support our work, at home and around the world, bringing people together through music.