Festival Schedule


CiH Executive Director William Harvey will receive you at the airport in Chihuahua (international airport code CUU and capital of the Mexican state of the same name) on this day. Chihuahua, the city, was the home of the legendary Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa, who made it his capital during the brief time that Chihuahua was an independent state. You will spend the night at a modern and comfortable hotel near the airport, which is useful due to early departure the next day.


You will fly to the festival with Aero Coconor, an airline with an outstanding safety record. Please plan to arrive at the Aero Coconor hangar no later than 6:40 a.m. The hangar is NOT located in the main airport building: it is just past it, if you continue to your left as you face the main building of the airport.

You will take off at 7:00 a.m. in a small plane with about 6 total seats. You will be permitted no more than 10 kilograms of luggage for your safety. The 80-minute flight will afford you stunning views as you gradually progress from the large, modern city of Chihuahua, to the countryside, to the dramatic landscape of the Sierra Tarahumara mountain range. 

Following a light breakfast, you will receive a tour of all the Key Places and choose your living quarters. Before or after lunch (your choice), you will have the option of going on a hike led by an experienced Rarámuri guide. 

In the afternoon of your first day, you will enjoy a concert of music for solo violin in the Bell Garden, directly in front of the view of the canyon.


Your days at the festival will include guided meditation, hiking, contemplation, and conversation.

In the evening, along with a fine Mexican wine or beer, you will experience the first concert of the Festival Sierra Tarahumara: world-class musicians performing Rarámuri music and Western classical music in the Eagle’s Nest, backed by the unparalleled panorama of Batopilas Canyon as the sun sets. You will enjoy dinner with the musicians after the concert. 


Another spectacular evening concert will feature Western classical and contemporary music next to Rarámuri music.


Today is the day of the traditional Rarámuri party! You will also enjoy a small handicraft market prepared by the townspeople. You will learn about all the elements of the party, including why the violinist must drink first. At the party, you will enjoy the traditional tesguino (alcoholic beverage made from corn) and goat stew, as well as traditional music and dancing.


Alas, the day of your departure from paradise has arrived. The planes from Aero Coconor will arrive between 8 and 9 in the morning to take you back to Chihuahua. We suggest you schedule your departure from Chihuahua no earlier than 4 p.m. on Saturday.

Optional Chihuahua Tourism

Should your flight from Chihuahua to the festival or the return to Chihuahua be delayed due to weather, the festival can recommend a full day of tourism in Chihuahua city including the Historical Museum of the Mexican Revolution (a highlight of which is the car in which Pancho Villa was shot), the stunning Quinta Gameros mansion, a walk around the downtown, and meals at first-rate restaurants such as Aire Liebre (full of plants), the exquisitely creative El Poeta, the elegant La Casona, or the rich and generously portioned traditional plates at Enrizo’s