Connecting Cultures through Counterpoint

Musicians from Pakistan, South Africa, the USA, and Mexico collaborate on the first #Connect4 video

This platform, launched in May of 2020, offers musicians, students, and audience members around the world the opportunity to forge cross-cultural connections through music during and beyond the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. The platform facilitates connections between citizens of countries that might not normally get the chance to connect in person, such as Tunisia and Mexico, or Afghanistan and Zimbabwe.

The platform, which currently includes content in English, Spanish, and Mixe, consists of Spotlight videos and Connect 4 videos. Spotlight videos highlight ways particular musicians have dealt with the pandemic and/or showcase aspects of their culture. Connect 4 videos bring together musicians from four countries to collaborate on the same piece of music using tools such as Zoom, Garage Band, and iMovie. This platform is available free of cost, although users are encouraged to donate to Cultures in Harmony as best they are able.

Please join the Facebook group Connecting Cultures through Counterpoint in order to join the community. The name of the platform was originally used in 2012 for our work in Tunisia, Egypt, and Pakistan, funded by the Robert Sterling Clark Foundation. Just as that project helped create lasting links, this new platform will bring people together through music in new and innovative ways.

Connect 4 videos

Musica Senza Confini features musicians from Pakistan (Nafees Ahmad on sitar), South Africa (Keamogetswe Magau on violin), Mexico (Fernanda Villalvazo on violin), and the USA (Stephen Solook on percussion) playing a piece whose name means “Music Without Borders,” composed by Nafees Ahmad.

Spotlight videos