American culture project nearing conclusion

Our 50-state, 50-week “What is American culture?” project has been incredibly successful, and there are only 9 states to go! Are you caught up with some recent highlights?

  • In the Alaska week, which piece did I play that helped a female prisoner re-connect with her home? Why does Anchorage have the most diverse neighborhood in the USA, and what does that mean for our future? Read my report about the Alaska week, which was sponsored by a generous donation from Bruce and Helena Barbour.
  • Why might it be inappropriate to ask the question this project poses in Hawaii? I found out during that week. Read my essay about Hawaii’s past as an independent country, or watch this charming video I made with a renowned ukulele manufacturer who has composed a piece called “America’s Song.”
  • What is American culture in Nevada other than casinos on the strip? Find out here!
  • How do people standing in the shadow of border wall in Nogales, Arizona—a city that straddles the US and Mexico—define our culture? Listen to their voices in this video, and reflect on how their definitions overlap with or differ from yours. 

Our first major project in the US is nearing its conclusion, and already we’re looking at projects for 2017, including a return to Mexico designed to promote positive and mutually respectful understanding. 

Where else will we forge connections through the universal language of music? Will we be able to return to Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Tunisia, the Philippines, or Pakistan?

That’s up to you! Please join our many donors and make a donation today! Now we have more ways to donate:

Thank you so much for your support!